Breathwork Course – Last Chance to Score a Super Sale!


After the 3 month initial period, a monthly subscription fee of $ 4.99 will apply. Students may cancel at any time.

Whether you are looking to add breathwork practices to your existing yoga classes or you want to expand your practice as a coach, you will learn the skills and confidence to facilitate group and one-on-one sessions with this self-paced online course. You will also discover how to integrate breathwork into your coaching and counseling practice, helping clients and students heal from a wide range of issues, including trauma, anxiety, addictions, relationship problems, depression and low self-esteem.

This comprehensive breathwork training online course is taught by a masterful teacher who offers a variety of online training resources, including videos, audio recordings and additional reading materials. The course includes an extensive list of learning outcomes, as well as detailed assignments and live webinars. You can complete this online course at your own pace and receive a certification as an internationally certified breathwork teacher.

Become a Breathwork Coach: Steps to Certification

The program is broken into 2 modules and covers the fundamentals of breathing, as well as a few modern breathwork techniques. It is a little more expensive than other courses on this list, but the instructor is very accessible and provides valuable insights into her own experience with breathwork as a therapeutic tool. Her approach is compassionate, and she helps you to work with your psyche in a way that feels supportive and empowering.