The Tom Defender V8 Review

ustom defender v8

The ustom defender v8 is an interesting take on the classic Land Rover Defender. By shoving an enormous engine under its hood, Land Rover has managed to add a bit of grit and personality to the Defender without compromising on comfort and convenience.

The new SUV offers a big power boost thanks to an engine remap, as well as a MANHART stainless steel exhaust system with quad exhaust finishers mimicking the look of the original Defender. It also beefs up the vehicle’s stopping power through a set of new brakes.

Inside the V8 Defender, you’ll find plenty of leather with contrast diamond-stitching and a full Alcantara steering wheel. The dashboard is trimmed in black leather with extra suede, and there’s a small V8 badge on the illuminated treadplates to remind you you’re driving a high-power machine.

Unleashing the Beast: Our Experience with the Custom Defender V8

It might not have as much off-road capability as some of its rivals in this category, but the Defender has the right looks to make it stand out. Its bespoke styling, which includes a front bull bar and half-cage, combines with contrasting black details to deliver an unmistakably Defender aesthetic.

While this SUV might be a bit more expensive than standard Defenders, the extra features make it worth the price tag. A few modern amenities include a touchscreen infotainment system, a Chevrolet console shifter and heated windshield.

However, this SUV doesn’t get as good fuel economy as other premium sports utility vehicles in its class, as its turbocharged engine consumes more fuel. Plus, its tall body and high ground clearance can make it less aerodynamic than a comparable SUV with an all-independent suspension.