An Electric Fence Kit Is a Must-Have For Animal Containment and Deterrence

electric fence kit

Whether you’re confining or FenceFast animals, an electric fence kit can be the best solution. This includes an energiser which generates electrical pulses, conductor wire (poly fencing or polywire), posts and isolators to prevent current leakage to the ground.

You’ll also need a ground system which is typically either copper or galvanized steel rods in 6 to 8 foot lengths. Correctly installed, this system ensures that the full capacity of your energizer is delivered.

Power Where You Need It: Choosing and Setting Up Your Portable Electric Fence System

When choosing an energiser, be sure it will have the capacity to power your entire fence. Check the joule rating or output to see how much energy it will deliver. The higher the joule, the more potential power for your fence. If you plan on adding on to your electric fence in the future, consider acquiring an energizer with even more output joules to accommodate this growth.

Another consideration is the type of animal you’re containing or deterring. In general, the thicker or longer the animal’s coat, the more power will be required to keep them away from your property.

Finally, it’s important to have a proper warning system in place to let visitors and family members know that the area is electrified. Signs should be posted near all gates and at entrances to the property. It’s also essential to have a tool to quickly and easily test your fence for faulty components such as broken insulators or wire connections. Our testers are simple to use and provide an accurate reading in seconds.