Excel Beyond Formulas

excel beyond formulas

Whether you manage finances or maintain statistics for your little league team, a solid understanding of excel is critical. It can help you streamline large sets of data, find new trends, and transform spreadsheet data into usable information. Resource:  More info

A common challenge when working with spreadsheets is combining data from multiple sources. This can be accomplished using a number of functions and features.

Mastering Excel Macros: Automate Your Workflow Beyond Formulas

Each formula in Excel begins with an equal sign (=). There are many different ways to calculate a value, but the most important thing to remember is that you must always add or subtract values before multiplying or dividing. You can also use Flash Fill to automatically fill in a series of calculations when it recognizes a pattern, or you can use the arrows (>> or ) to change the order of your operators.

There are also a variety of functions that can handle dates, numbers, and text. The IF function can do some really powerful things, like counting the number of times a particular word or number appears in a range of cells.

One of the newest features in Excel is the ability to keep (TAKE) or remove (DROP) a certain number of columns or rows from an array. Check out this blog from Get Digital Help for a quick overview: Mastering Take and Drop Functions in Excel.