Injury Care Centers Jacksonville Fl

Injury Care Centers jacksonville fl are full-service urgent injury care facilities specifically designed to offer immediate medical attention to patients who have been injured, whether by an auto accident or another type of incident. They are located in various areas of the Jacksonville metropolitan area, including Westside, Mandarin, Orange Park, Southside, Oakleaf, and Green Cove Springs, with after-hours on-call assistance to connect patients with doctors when needed.

Does Florida Workers Comp pay for pain and suffering?

The doctors at East Coast Injury Care Centers are experienced in treating a wide range of injuries, from a simple sprain to an injured hip. They perform physical exams and run necessary tests and scans to get to the bottom of the problem. They then develop a treatment plan that is best suited for your needs. They work closely with your primary doctor and auto accident attorney to coordinate the appropriate care you need.

In addition to offering urgent care services, Injury Care Centers provides a number of lab and diagnostic services. These include blood tests, glucose tests, STD testing, pregnancy tests, allergy tests, strep tests, and TB tests. They also provide vaccinations for travel-related issues, including yellow fever, typhoid, shingles, measles, and hepatitis.

This clinic accepts various insurance types, such as Medicare and PPO, ensuring that most patients can access the immediate medical attention they need. In addition, it offers self-pay options for those who prefer to pay out of pocket. This allows patients to save time and avoid the hassle of securing an appointment with a traditional doctor’s office.