Running Track Resurfacing Near Me

running track resurfacing near me

Running tracks provide the perfect platform for athletes to test their skills. They’re a great way to build fitness and strength, and are commonly found in large city parks, amenity-filled city or regional park spaces, and at schools and universities.Find out:

While there are many options available for running track surfacing, each surface is designed to meet a specific set of requirements for performance and safety. Climate, level of traffic and permeability are just a few considerations when choosing a track surface. During construction, it is important to choose a contractor that understands these requirements and can help facility managers make an informed decision.

Most modern running tracks are built with a synthetic rubber surface that is bound with latex or polyurethane. These systems are extremely durable and offer a springy surface that provides superior traction for athletes while also offering excellent shock absorption. Some running tracks are even permeable to enable water to drain through the system.

Maximizing the Lifespan of Your Running Track Resurfacing Investment

Asphalt-bound surfaces, often used for high-level competition, are another common type of running track surface. This type of track is durable and relatively unaffected by weather conditions but is costly to install because it requires shutting down the asphalt plant, producing a special mix for the project, cleaning up the equipment, and restarting production for regular asphalt.

Once the new running track is installed, a maintenance team should be trained to perform routine care for the surface, including routine inspections and repairs. Keeping an eye out for small cracks or worn areas will help the maintenance team ensure the track is in good condition and ready for use. If your maintenance crew notices larger areas that need attention, a professional running track contractor can conduct a comprehensive site survey and provide a cost estimate for resurfacing the area.