Secondary Glazing Manufacturers

secondary glazing manufacturers

The addition of a secondary window adds an extra layer of insulation between the existing window and your home. It helps prevent draughts and reduces heat loss, saving you money and keeping your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Secondary glazing can also help to reduce condensation, preventing mould and damp from building up.

secondary glazing manufacturers  are able to provide customers with custom solutions that are tailored to their specific needs. This could be for a particular conservation area where new windows are not permitted or perhaps for older properties with single glazing that would benefit from improved thermal and acoustic performance.

One of the simplest ways to improve the performance of existing windows is to fit film over them. This can be bought from DIY stores and is simple to install. However, this is not very effective and it is difficult to remove without damaging the paintwork of the original window.

Choosing the Right Team: How to Find Trusted Secondary Glazing Installers

Another option is to fit a secondary panel that is fixed inside the opening of the existing window. This is a more permanent solution and can be fitted with anti-burglar catches. It is also possible to fit a timber frame that clips into the existing sash window, either in the reveal or face of the existing windows. These systems are typically designed to be used in historic and listed buildings where the window must co-ordinate with the original architecture of the building.

A more modern option is to fit a secondary window that has been manufactured with ultra-slim sightlines, allowing you to enjoy the views from your property without losing any of the performance you are looking for. This secondary glazing can be supplied in a wide range of RAL colours and has been designed to be compatible with most existing sash windows.