Where to Toys Shop Hungary

toys shop hungary

When looking for toys shop igračke za dječake, it’s important to find ones that are not only fun for kids but also teach them about Hungarian culture. Unlike modern toys, which often have a plastic appearance and are easy to break or lose, Hungarian toys feature more traditional wood and ceramic designs. For instance, the Kortemuzsika is a wooden wind instrument that can produce a range of different tones and features traditional Hungarian motifs. In addition, traditional Matyo dolls make great souvenirs because of their intricately embroidered costumes and porcelain faces.

There are a few toy shops that specialize in selling these kinds of toys. One is Fakopancs, which has three stores in Budapest, including one on Baross utca near Maria utca. Another is the Smile Souvenirs Budapest store on Wesselenyi and Market1 Hungarian Souvenir and Gift Shop on Vigado, both of which sell traditional toys along with other typical souvenir items.

Hidden Gems: Unique Finds at Hungary’s Toy Shops

In addition to toys, these stores have a wide selection of books and other educational items. They also have a section for parents that specializes in baby products and high-end maternity clothing.

The largest toy store in Hungary is Regio Jatek, which has more than 40 physical stores in the country. Its headquarters are in the Arkad Shopping Center, and it has an online presence as well. It’s a good place to find toys for kids of all ages, from toddlers to teens. It offers a variety of brands, categories and even cartoons to help customers find what they are looking for.